The Downtown Day Spa
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Lavender Sized


Skin Care
Rehydrate soften and enhance
your skins natural radiance

Mini-Spa Facial
Perfect introductory facial to cleanse, tone, and hydrate skin.
Includes a refinement masque and facial massage.
A great choice when time is a premium or prior to a special event 

(30 minutes)

Core Facial 
Designed for all skin types. A personalized blend of essential oils and refinement masque
works gently to cleanse, nourish and exfoliate the skin. Combining a relaxing facial massage,
your skin will glow.

(60 Minutes)

Hydrating Rose for All Skin Types
Rehydrate soften and enhance
your skins natural radiance
Deeply nourishing!

(75 Minutes)

Pumpkin Spice Facial

Rejuvenate sun damaged and dull skin with this hydrating
and healing facial; incorporating the natural exfoliating
and nourishing properties of Pumpkin Enzyme
to increase collagen production, leaving the skin firm and radiant,
with increased elasticity.
(60 minutes)

Delux Facial includes cinnamon scrub
and warm shea butter foot treatment

(90 minutes)

Detoxifying Facial 
A deep cleansing, customized  treatment designed to promote exfoliation with a clay masque
to  remove surface blackhead and encourage elimination in deeply congested, oily or acne skin.
Includes cleanse, toning, exfoliation, extraction and a purifying masque.
Lymphatic stimulation, neck and shoulder massage complete this treatment.

(90 minutes)

Cleansing Back Treatment
Keep your back smooth and free from impurities with this super-cleansing and
relaxing massage. Includes super-cleansing, toning, exfoliation, extraction and purifying masque.
Perfect for  minor break outs and for those with more serious skin problems. Also includes a back 
(90 minutes)

Make your own skin care package by adding on paraffin dip, peppermint foot scrub, stress
relieving scalp treatment and eye zone treatment.


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