The Downtown Day Spa
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The Basic Massage
The most familiar type of massage, incorporates a  variety of massage
techniques A relaxing, therapeutic session incorporating long flowing
and kneading strokes. A great massage for a first-time experience!
30 minutes-$65
60 minutes-$85
75 minutes-$110
90 minutes-$145

Deep Tissue Massage
An intense and invigorating massage ,
ideal for the person seeking detailed focus to relieve stress in specific muscle
and joint groups. Designed with the athlete in mind, the deep tissue massage
brings the body back into peak performance.
60 minutes $120
90 minutes $185

Botanical Hemp Massage (CBD)
Great for sore muscles and trigger point pain related to neuropathy
and joint pain. helps soothe and calm  skin rashes
like eczema and psoriasis. Choice of Native Balm or CBD Cream.
Both are 100% Legal Hemp and THC Free.
Both help increase blood flow and enhance cortical activity promote
the blocking pain receptors for many autoimmune and neurologic concerns.
60 minutes $95

For Pregnant Moms & Dads, too
60 minutes single $85

90 minutes single $120
one hour couples massage $225

Sinus - Relief Massage
Emphasizes release points that help you breathe and relax
30 minutes $65
15 minutes add-on $20

Focused pressure points on
the feet brings whole body benefits

30 minutes $65

(Choice of Aroma Therapy)

SW Regional Treatments
The Southwest Native Inspired Hot Stones Massage ...$190*
urify your body and spirit!
This Native Southwest inspired therapy goes beyond massage and enters deeper dimensions of relaxation, health, and well-being. Using White Sage masssage oil, combined with smooth heated basalt stones alternating with cool marble stones, you will feel tensions melt away and spirits soar.
(75 Minutes - Includes smudging with wild crafted White Sage.)
The Southwest Native Inspired Hot Stone Couples Massage ...$375*
Share this Sothwest Native Inspired Ritual with your partner in a room designed especially for couples. Enjoy all the benefits of the "Original" Hot Stone Massage
(75 Minutes - Includes smudging with wild crafted White Sage.)
The Southwest Native Inspired Hot Stone Couples Massage....$185*
(30 minutes -
Includes smudging with wild crafted White Sage.)
White Sage Massage - purify your body and spirit!...$108*
This massage oil is regionally wildcrafted, Sothwest Native inspired with traditional herbs. White Sage has been long used by Native people as a way to purify and calm the spirit.
(60 minutes)
Sage Lavender Massage - calming, natural aromatic scent...$108*
This massage oil is handmade with an infusion of wildcrafted sage brush and  essential oil of French lavender. Sage purifies the spirit, lavender calms the mind and the pure oils soften and heal the skin.
(60 minutes)
Stress Relief Massage - for balance and relaxation...$108*
This massage oil is handmade with sage infused oil and extracts of French lavender, Italian lavender, and juniper berries. This combination of sage, juniper and lavender penetrates sore, tight muscles, softens the skin and relaxes the mind, body and spirit.
(60 minutes)
Hair Conditioning and Scalp Treatment....$75**
The ultimate luxury is scalp and  hair massage. This hair oil is nourishing and naturally scented with Sage, Calendula, and Lavender flowers. Handmade with traditional inspired Southwest herbs that are wildcrafted.

(30 Minutes)
** May be added to any of the 60 minute Southwest Native Inspired Treatment. Add 30 minutes and $50 to the massage base.

Holistic Health Massage
The Ultimate Balance

Medicine Helper Ceremony Massage
Body Work, Prayer, Chant Ritual, Herb Cleansing, Smudge Blessing,
and Somatic experiencing body trauma awareness
120 minutes..............$185

Zen Soul Massage-
Come into balance with this nurturing, mindful treatment!
Leave feeling spoiled. Includes flowing massage,
aromatherapy, foot & hand massage,
energy rebalancing along with
Tibeten Singing Bowl and Cedar Blessing.
75 minutes ............$125

Craniosacral Therapy
Craniosacral Therapy targets the spine
and skull to improve the functioning
of the central nervous system and
boost the bodies self-healing properties.
Helps to alleviate everything
from headaches and fiberromyalgia.
60 minutes...............$100



Please Call Ahead for Bookings at 505-986-0113.
Have your credit card on hand to guarantee Internet Rates.
Internet Specials may not be available for same day appointments.
All rates are subject to change unless prepaid at time of booking.
Without 24 Hours Notice of Cancellations, All Scheduled Services will be Billed at Full Price.



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